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How to stage your house to get it sold

With it being a buyers market in today's economy, pulling out all the stops is extremely important in getting your house sold. Homes are sitting on the market longer then ever so use these tips to increase your odds of getting your home sold quickly. On average houses that are staged sell 30-50% quicker then ones that aren't.
Tips for Real Estate Investors

Property for Sale in Australia

Choosing a new home, or any new property, is not something to be taken lightly. Whoever you are, a house is not an insignificant investment, which is why it important to get it right. Before you even consider the building itself though, or even the area, you need to pick a country; and at the top of

Negotiation Tips for Laguna Beach Homes

You've found the Beach Home of your dreams, now it's time to negotiate with the seller to make it yours. Follow these tips to negotiate the best price you can without upsetting the seller and ruining the deal.

5 things to check in a Service Apartment

Service apartments are an excellent accommodation concept. There are however few essential things to check out before checking in.
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